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pediatric speech therapy northern virginia

Pediatric Speech Therapy

There are many ways for children to communicate with their families and peers.  Safe and effective feeding and swallowing is also a vital part of a child’s health.  Our speech therapists are committed to improving speech, language, and oral-motor control in order for kids to interact effectively and make meaningful connections.

We consider each patient to be unique and develop individualized care for children with the following:

  • Speech disorders such as articulation problems, apraxia, and fluency issues
  • Expressive language disorder
  • Receptive language disorder
  • Social communication difficulties
  • Oral-motor weakness
  • Swallowing and feeding disorders in infants, toddlers, and older children
  • Prematurity
  • Neurological impairments
  • Post-traumatic swallowing problems
  • Respiratory and breath support impairments


Our speech therapists continually advance their skills to provide effective speech, language, and oral-motor interventions.

Special services offered by our speech therapists:

  • Personalized intensive therapy programs (daily therapy for 2-3 weeks)
  • Medical feeding therapy for fragile infants
  • SOS Approach to Feeding©
  • Social communication training/groups
  • Interactive Metronome®
  • Augmentative communication through picture boards, iPad apps, and basic switches
  • Individualized home program
  • Co-treatments with OT and PT
  • Independent education evaluations for local school systems